• George Brianka

Be Wary Of Creatives With No Lives

You ever hear a creative say, "I'm married to my job" or "I don't have time for outside hobbies or interests" or "I can't take a vacation - I'm too busy"? Well run far and wide from them, because there's a good chance they are stagnating creatively and you don't want that to rub off on you!

Work hard, creatives! Work VERY hard! But PLAY hard as well! Take up an instrument. Go on a road trip. Join a non-profit and volunteer. These things are not just rewarding and fun but ESSENTIAL for creative minds to recharge and keep those creative juices flowing. Right now, not only am I running a Creative Shop, but I'm also editing a short horror movie that I wrote and directed on my spare time? Why? Because I'm crazy? Yes, but also, it keeps my passion for creativity alive and helps me grow, getting me out of my comfort zone. So ask yourself. What do I want to do this weekend? Turn off Netflix and get out there and do something! Who knows, Monday, you might come up with that next BIG idea. And hey - don't forget to thank me when you do....

George enjoys the sport of bass fishing, among other outdoor activities.

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