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Direct Response


Creative Director / Sr. Copywriter / Sr. Art Director

My first steady job in advertising was at a DRTV company called "Avalanche". I helped get it off the ground and presented the name and logo to the president. Her name was "Ava" so when she saw the "A V A" of AVALANCHE in a different hue, she was immediately sold!

My sole creative partner (and mentor) was Neil Brownlee, who was previously partnered with advertising legend George Lois, of Lois Advertising fame. He was pretty famous in his own right, coming up with some legendary copy such as "I want my MTV!" and the concept behind "The Slomin's Shield". Neil taught me as a young Art Director that I can create funny, irreverent, interesting imagery, but the only purpose of advertising is to get the client's phones to ring. And ring they did. Creating results was our mission and we grew this small boutique agency into an Inc5000 company. We creating over 100 short-form and long-form commercials in over 20 categories, generating over a BILLION dollars for our clients. Winning Tellys and several other direct response awards and accolades along the way.

DRTV Sizzle Reel

The late-great Burt Reynolds agreed to work with us and it was his first time doing consumer DRTV commercials. If you look close, you'll see a cameo of the famous director of all his Smokey & The Bear movies, the late Hal Needham!

BilJac Dogfood



MORE Elvis!

Senna Prompt

Woman's Avacor

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