Horror short featured in the full-length film, "Devil's Five"

Screenwriter / Director / Producer / Art Director / Music Score

Short Horror Film

​"This film is very personal to me because it is based on true events that happened to teenagers I went to school with back in the 80's on Long Island. It was a chilling story that was taken by the news media and twisted into a tale of Satanism, the occult, and demon worship slaying. The truth is, Satan did not command these kids to do these terrible things, nor did listening to heavy metal make teens want to kill or commit suicide. Drugs were the main culprit. It is sad that these lives were thrown away because of them. My film challenges the viewer to suspend intellectual thought and ponders the question: what if Satan was involved? It is part coming-of-age, part comedy, and full blown horror. What we hope to achieve is to bring the viewer on the edge of their seat and then at one point laughing so hard they fall off of it, then suddenly jumping behind it in sheer terror. "


Devil's Five - Winner 2018 Hell's Kitchen Film Festival: Best Horror Film

Poster Design: George Brianka

Trailer: "Don't Say These Words!"

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