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Singer / Songwriter / Composer / Guitarist / Mixing Engineer

I recently recorded a new song, "Come Back Baby" under my stage name"Coolcat™"!


With this song, instead of being (electric) guitar-centric, I am using various elements, such as acoustic guitars and piano to driving the main rhythm. Holding everything together is a beautiful and powerful drumbeat from the software EZDrummer2. What's special about this beat is that it belongs to famous journeyman drummer, Kenny Aronoff, who created it for the Americana midi pack. Kenny can be heard on almost countless famous hits, such as John Cougar Mellencamp's "Jack and Diane". I also had the pleasure of seeing Kenny perform with John Fogerty 5 years ago at Bethel Woods in the Catskills... AMAZING!


I sent Kenny the song on a whim, not expecting a reply. This is what he said:

"Wow… I can hear my energy on that EZ drummer drum track. I am impressed... great energy! Thanks for including me on your track.. very cool!" - Kenny Aronoff


Hear the song below:

Song Player:

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