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So we all know what Over-The-Counter Pharmaceuticals are... but what the hell is a Nutraceutical?! Nutraceuticals are the first cousin of Pharmaceuticals. Natural supplements, beauty products, health and wellness products, diet ingestibles, these all fit into this category.


Iceland Health Omega-3
One such product was one of many great success stories. What began with one ambitious entrepreneur working from his home has turned into a hugely successful nutriceutical business with the help of some breakthrough creative.  Starting with a simple idea - that you should protect your heart, as much as any other muscles in your body. Sales jumped dramatically. This lead to a series of true-life situation infomercials for Iceland Health Omega-3. This success brought about 6 additional extensions of the Iceland Health brand. Iceland Health sold over 26 million dollars of fish oil. After these successes, Iceland Health was purchased by publicly-traded Nutrition 21. Iceland Health products are successfully selling through direct response channels
as well as in over 21,000 retail locations nationwide.

Headline: "Starting now, protect the most important muscle in your body."

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