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Pet Vignettes

eCommerce site (side gig)
President / Creative Director / Sr. Art Director

Pet Vignettes started out as a Christmas gift idea to my lovely girlfriend, Susan. The canvas print of her cat had such quality and it looked so fantastic that everyone we knew would comment on it and ask where they could get one! That's when the sparks went off and I created Pet Vignettes!  May 1st, 2017 was the official launch date. It started with 6 portrait styles, which has expanded to 17 styles . I look forward to expanding more and adding new styles and I never get tired of every photoshop challenge. It keeps my skills really sharp!  Check it out here:


Super-talented and super-beautiful actress Margarita Levieva just mentioned how much she loves Pet Vignettes in Instyle magazine!

"These are amazing! I plan to get one for my dog," says Levieva.

See the full article in InStyle Magazine HERE.

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HBO’s The Deuce Actress, Margarita Levieva loves Pet Vignettes!

Buy a Pet Vignette! - Then UPLOAD YOUR PET'S PIC HERE

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